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    I am one of the lurkers that hasnt posted much. I like following modelling that people are working on but due to money and time restraints while finishing some house rennovations havent been able to do any myself yet but hope to start contributing when I get the time to do some work on my modular layout idea during my xmas break.

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    Yes MMW module ends is the current plan. Possibly with some adapted ones for the module joins in yards I remember seeing a diagram on the blog a while ago with all the dimensions but havent been able to find it again.
    I have a plan for a loop layout in my shed starting with 2 modules making up a viaduct and eventually looping around to a yard on…[Read more]

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    Are people making their layouts modular when they build them? Is there a standard end that people are using as even though it wont happen often when I make my layout I would like it to be able to connect to other peoples modules if I ever took it to a show or something.

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    Code 55 is a little oversized for NZ120 scale. A 50kg/m rail is about 155mm high, which at 1:120 scale is 0.051 inches or slightly less than code 50.
    Seems I am going to be looking at Peco code 55 track then. I guess once ballasted and stuff you have to look very close to see its not exactly to scale.
    Now to just finish deciding what I want to…[Read more]

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    What brand and code track is everyone using for NZ120? What is the closest sleeper spacing and sleeper size to NZ track? Planning ahead for hopefully starting an NZ120 layout later this year after years of been meaning to get around to it.
    I was thinking Atlas code 55 or maybe Micro Engineering code 55 (ahtough ME doesnt have many turnouts) but…[Read more]

  • After years of not having enough time, money or space to build a model railway (always seem to have only 2 of the 3) Im now planning on making a model railway in part of my garage.
    The current plan is Staircase viaduct and possibly Arthurs Pass. Trying to keep them fairly accurate size wise to scale but the station and yard may need to be shrunk…[Read more]