KiwiRail – corporate website

New Zealand Railways Rolling Stock Lists – invaluable resource on NZ rolling stock past and present

KiwiBonds – lots of prototype pictures

NZ Rollingstock Photostream (Flickr)

NZ120 websites

Motorised Dandruff – the original NZ120 blog

New Zealand Railway Models – Peter Bryant’s blog

BOP Trackgang

Commercial websites

Mainstation – NZ retailers of PECO

Trackgang Products – major NZ120 and 1:64 supplier

Mark’s Model Works – MMW’s website; NZ120 kits

Shapeways Stores

Coaster’s NZ120

Kiwi Trains

New Zealand Rail in 3D

SL Designs

Steve’s NZ120

Other scales

NZR in OO –¬†Frederick Carlsen’s 1:76 models of NZR

NZR OO group on Facebook

Modelling the Dream – Grant Morrell’s page of 1:64 modelling