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    Lewis Holden

    Hi all,

    I’m kicking off this thread for those members interested in modelling Queensland Rail in 1:120. As many of us know we share a gauge with Queensland (and of course Tassie and West Aussie) and we also share a number of loco types – the QR 1620 is the NZR DI and the QR 1400 the NZR DA; and of course, there is the QR 1460 – NZR DQ and QR as well.

    So let’s get the ball rolling!


    Hi Lewis, thanks for posting this. I’ve been checking on the similarities between the NZR Dx and the QR 2600, seems they are similar (U26C vs U22C) but there are some differences mainly around the cab and front end. I expect the overall dimensions would be similar but have not been able to find a General Arrangement drawing for the Dx. Attached is a side elevation drawing for the 2600 with the main dimensions, sorry no end elevation but I think our loading gauges would be similar. Maybe you could cross-check these dimensions for me and highlight any significant differences?? I imagine they could be readily resolved with a little surgery?

    Thanks, Geoff P.

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