Eurostar25's work bench

Thought I should share what's on my workbench, I've been actively modelling 1:64 scale for a while when I was in chch however after a move north to Hamilton I began looking at N scale Japanese models, partly influenced by my wife being japanese and having spent many hours on trains in Japan, naturally a layout began to take shape however I've been somewhat drawn back to looking at NZR stock again, and thought I better have a go at NZ120.


The blog for my Tokuyama station layout can be found on the JNS  forum website which shows progress of the layout thus far

The first kit is a trackgang UC tank wagon, will try to keep up progress shots. 

Will have to practice how to upload pictures too




First attempt at a nz120 kit,

First attempt at a nz120 kit, good fun getting back into the kit making. 

Have attempted to make it look like mainline steam wagon UC1190, it will hopefully form part of a train behind KA942

Just wondering if anyone else

Just wondering if anyone else can see then pictures? They load ok then appear when save the post but then disappear when I come back to the page later. I've been copying and pasting the photo into the post, but perhaps there's a better way


Looking good,

Looking good, Eurostar25.


With a bit of sitting around

With a bit of sitting around lately with work I was able to start making the AO fleet, I thought I better make them all at once so there's a hope that they'll resemble one another. 

With many shares in evergreen styrene later some of the parts were cut out, mainly the floors, and vestibule ends. 

Kato bogies will go underneath as I had a few in the spares box and i will keep the ugly rapido couplers as they actually keep the coaches at a reasonable distance apart. I've tested them on my corners of the layout and they don't pull the preceding car off the rails. I'll make up concertina covers to hide them too. 

Got the Dc to fit its life

Got the Dc to fit its life like SD7 chassis nicely today, plenty more detailing to be done. Here it is testing out clearances on the bridges


Have been able to make steady

Have been able to make steady progress on the AO cars lately. Namely attaching body ends and preping for body sides. 

The DC and AG have had handrails fitted, what a fiddly job that was. 

Nice work Scott. Look like

Nice work Scott. Look like dismantled Kato coaches.yes

Thanks Beakaboy, I wish they

Thanks Beakaboy, I wish they had half the detail of a kato car!

Had a crack at the AG

Had a crack at the AG observation car tonight, the underfloor details are a guess going off photos and the windows will just be painted on  I'll use Simon's excellent end railing details I got recently off Shapeways. Thinking perhaps of a brass roof curved to shape rather than styrene.

lovely work Scott. looks

lovely work Scott. looks great!

Thanks Beaka, had a good day

Thanks Beaka, had a good day yesterday while it poured down outside, I tidied up the Dc and the FM van, getting the ride heights sorted and getting a few bits ready for the paint shop. Ended up removing the worm gear in the loco as it was such a poor runner, it had made by life like underneath so I assume it's a very old loco. It'll just run behind the lead loco when I get around to acquiring one.

The carriage under frames got

The carriage under frames got some work done on them today, namely tanks, battery boxes and truss bracing. Not the neatest job in the world but the details will be hard to see under a cost of black paint when they're complete  and I guess it's the effect that counts 


a bit of fine weather also let me undercoat the DC and the vans. 



Good work Scott. Fine weather

Good work Scott. Fine weather on its way this weekend.


Thanks Russ. I had a bit of a

Thanks Russ.

I had a bit of a bad day with the DC, I managed to spray the loco 2 days ago having first given it a bath in nail polish remover and soapy water to remove the oil residue. Checked it many times for tackyness and it felt ok, so I gave it a spray with enamel primer and it took well and dried, no tacky primer on the surface. I thought I was in business having come into trouble in the past with tacky primer as a result of poor preparation with shapeways products. 

Unfortunately though after a coat of humbrol yellow on the front and rear I checked this morning and the whole surface was tacky, even after 12hours drying time. I checked the primer bottle and it was definitely enamel primer so my only guess is that the humbrol yellow must have been old or I hadn't shaken it enough prior to use.

The dc then went back in a bath with nail polish remover and the process of stripping the paint begins... 

Good idea to consider using

Good idea to consider using brass for the roofs. Styrene tends to bow down in the middle when curved over as carriage and wagon roofs.

Thanks 0-4-4-0, I'll

Thanks 0-4-4-0, I'll definitely stick to brass, will have to look at ways to cut it and what's in store locally.

The waikato weather wasn't quite as sunny as forecast but for a change it wasn't raining, so out came the paint, first coats are on, lots of touching up to do but generally pleased with how they're taking shape.

Looking very nice so far. Bay

Looking very nice so far. Bay Hobby supplies , Greerton,Tauranga has a good range of brass sheets and other brass strips,etc. I got some nice small shears from somewhere a while back and they work well on brass sheet.Not sure how thick they will cut

I think they're shaping up

I think they're shaping up well, too.  I'm not familiar enough with working in brass to recommend any techniques but I think I will experiment when I next need curved wagon tops.  For my 1920s/30s passenger carriages, I am using pinus radiata wood sanded to shape - as was used for the NZ120 guard's van that appeared in the journal last year.


Thanks for the comments. I'll

Thanks for the comments. I'll definitely need to have a play first but looking forward to the challenge. 

I need to start looking at weights for the cars too. As so far the bodies are made of styrene so are very lightweight. 

What would be the ideal weight for a 56' car? What do people use? I've heard lead fishing weights being used in the past, but is there something else that's a more go to item? Washers/nuts?

Any thoughts appreciated. 

I usually use lead shot (sold

I usually use lead shot (sold at firearms stores) which I glue with blobs of PVA close to the trucks/bogies.

I avoid weight except in

I avoid weight except in locomotives (to improve adhesion). I have run a rake of more than twenty 4-wheel wagons around 180 degree curves of 9 inch radius, with the engine pushing without problems. The wagons were 2.5 to 3.5 grams in weight each. If something doesn't run right, I fix the track or the couplers rather than screw up the wagons by putting weight in them.  I have video evidence but have never been able to upload pictures or video to this site.

Thanks for the comments. I

Thanks for the comments. I had a look at some of my Kato carriages today and they're very light and by the feel of it no added weight. I'll see how some of the Japanese locos go with the rake of 10 cars, finally got bogies fitted to all the cars today.

The local builders at the

The local builders at the Hitachi plant in Kudamatsu Japan, have come to have a look at what their cross town workers have been up to on a cold but clear winter's day.

They walked away knowing their jobs were definitely still safe.

Its amazing the difference a

Its amazing the difference a bit of sunlight can make to photos . Despite the issues with the Shapeways DC,the undercoat looks to have done a nice coverage. The FM has come up very nice.

Good photos. Russ

Good photos.


After plenty of work dunking

After plenty of work dunking in nail polish remover, scrubbing, sanding, priming, sanding and priming again the loco finally got to a stage where the left over residue from Shapeways had disappeared. Very different to the FM van as that had no residue at all and took primer well after its bath in acetone.

the loco has received its first coats of red and yellow paint although the steps need retouching as the photo I had of 4945 showed yellow steps but I'll blacken it I reckon, the yellow doesn't look right there. 

The cars are coming along, will update photos in a few days.



Thanks Coasterboy I got some

Thanks Coasterboy

I got some excellent Tranz scenic decals off Russell at Trackgang and have come to a bit of a problem, has anyone used Tamiya clear coat TS-13 over Tamiya acrylic paint? The local store in Hamilton was a bit vague wether it would be ok or not as the spray is lacquer based, let alone what effect it might have on the decals. Russell kindly provided a couple of spare decals so I was thinking to have a practice before attacking the 10 cars all at once but haven't bought the can yet as I thought I'd try to see if anyone has had any experience using it. 

There are clear acrylic bottles but would require brushing - which I was hoping to avoid given the amount of time it'll take for all the cars. Reading other forums online reveal a bit of a hit and miss experience. 

As all paint on the cars are Tamiya acrylics are there any alternatives to the Tamiya clear spray can?

thanks in advance

Some great work Scott ! I

Some great work Scott !

I have always used Dullcote, but I do have a can of Tamiya matt varnish. A very light first coat, especially over decals, should be ok. Also there is "Anti-Shine" by Army Painter that was recommended in the latest Journal.

Thanks for the tip off ECMT,

Thanks for the tip off ECMT, I'll have a look for those .

The Dc is seen pulling a few

The Dc is seen pulling a few of the rake past the temple we got married at in Japan

The japanese version of a DE is pushing one car back to the works for window fitting.

Gonna look cool

Gonna look coolyes

Looking good.

Looking good.

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