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Hi all.

I am planning on building a DSC based on the diesel in a day concept or in my case Diesel in a year!! Does anyone have a plan of the DSC showing dimensions as well as side and end views. I tried to reduce the plan weeduggie had on here and some of the measurements seem out compared to the Listers Shapeways body , i borrowed from ECMT. Just wanted to compare diagrams and reduce another drawing on printer to see if it produces any difference in size.thanks John

Sorry Beaka, I thought the

Sorry Beaka, I thought the one I bought off Shapeways was a Listers model, but it was from peterlanc. One was more accurate than the other. There is a plan in the January 1989 issue of the NZMRG mag, but it's not overly clear. I do have a PDF plan without dimensions that should be what you are after. i will send it to you.

Thanks ECMT. I will have to

Thanks ECMT. I will have to check the dimensions on a plan to see what they convert to in NZ120. Peters Dsc actually looks quite nice in the flesh after you have cleaned it up. Might be worth getting one myself when the next free postage session is on with Shapeways. Certainly save alot of work.

The new Kiwitrains DSC is

The new Kiwitrains DSC is much more accurate than the old model. I believe that the old one had no shunters refuge, but was too long as the length was based on the DSC with refuge. Very keen on this idea, as I've just picked up a Kato RS-2 out of a estate sale. Very keen for either a DSC or DSG to put on it.

Let me know if you still need

Let me know if you still need a plan - I'm sure I have one at home.

Thanks Kiwibonds. Would

Thanks Kiwibonds. Would appreciate a copy of the plan.

Trust me when I say its not

Trust me when I say its not much but heres what I had, when I first drew the dsc. 

Thanks Peter

Thanks Peter

A copy of the plan I have

A copy of the plan I have (should be) here for a little while so grab it if you need it. I'm not sure what the original source was. Sorry for the paint stains and hand scrawled windows. Note that some DSCs over their life have had doors moved from one end to the other - I think they were primarily Bluff based ones.




Many thanks. Have downloaded

Many thanks. Have downloaded a copy. I have just received a Lister DSC from shapeways and wanted a plan to check bogie length and location compared to the chassis I am going to use. The Japanese DD13 shunter chassis is a perfect fit for the DSC body, but the bogies are smaller and spaced further apart. I am thinking I can sand the sides of bogies and add wider bogie sides. Similar to your  adding of resin bogie sides for DX bogies.

I'm sure that would work

I'm sure that would work well. Its not easy finding bogies long enough for our models. Maybe you could write a review or post your progress here or on MD?

I'll see if I can do progress

I'll see if I can do progress shots! I have a ton of projects on the go at once and find it difficult to stick to the project at hand!

A couple of shots of the New

A couple of shots of the New Shapeways DSC body and chassis. I will be using Dremel on chassis area where fuel tank was located, but only taking off a few mm on each side , due to motor location.

Also have a DJ from Listers shop on Shapeways. I as going to use an EF64 Japanese electric loco chassis which is a full width chassis, so alot of dremel work required. However after measuring up I found that the motor itself is too wide for the body. So have now started on an Atlas SD35 chassis. I have replaced the bogies with Atlas GP38-2 bogies and located a centre floating bogie from a Tomix DF50 diesel. The entire centre piece of chassis has had to be cut off with a dremel to fit centre bogie. Not much work considering how little is supporting it, but alot of low weight now missing! steel or brass supports will be added along the entire side of chassis to brace it and also for gaining correct height for body. The brass strips for electrical contact on top of bogies were formally mounted on chassis piece removed, so I will have to power the bogies to each side of split frame with fine flexible wire or similar. Plug and play DCC chip already fitted to this chassis. More updates soon! 

Looks good - the Shapeways

Looks good - the Shapeways models look sweet. At first glance I thought the DSC hoods in your shot a little tall, but i think that will look better when the sides of them are painted, (and ideally you can get it sitting lower on the chassis). 


thanks Kiwibonds. Some

thanks Kiwibonds. Some progress on the DJ chassis. I got hold of some hollow lengths of brass square material and soldered them on to the side of chassis to provide strength as well as something for body to sit on. Used 100 degree low melt solder with flux and it seems quite secure. The motor assy sits in between the square lengths with a slight gap either side.This means I have still got isolated chassis halves . I reassembled chassis after washing and drying and refitted the plug and play decoder. Tested on programme track and everything fine. A test on layout shows that the contacts on bogies connect with the brass material to provide electrical contact, but I will still solder small short springs to these contacts to provide good electrical connection over uneven track,etc. The brass pieces have  raised the body on chassis a little, but thats something i will have to live with at this stage. The main thing is that running quality is as good now as it was before modifications. I've been down the track before of damaging or destroying chassis (Kato PA  chassis?)


Dsc Nearly ready for a paint

Dsc Nearly ready for a paint up, so testing with Japanese shunter chassis. The newer chassis which looks alot better with bigger bogies,wheels, etc requires major mod to fit, so a work in progress.



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