DF and DXB locos

Russell from Trackgang has been busy as usual. First up is a Toll Rail DXB which he has built ,painted and decaled for me. My job is to do the handrails,couplers and fine details and lightly? weather it. Also needs headboard and  cow catcher? numbers applied. Its on a temp chassis.



The other loco is my Fantasy scheme mentioned on the Trackgang post recently. The loco was painted by Doug from http://www.parkerlocoworks.com/ using photos obtained from Russell and online. His charges are very reasonable and I higly recommend him. It cost me around $12-14 to send the body to him. He also did some touchup work before painting. Russell did the decals using images found online and resizing and recolouring to match the paint on body. Details still to add to body

Lastly ,thanks to ECMT, I have an operating log loader/unloader. still some details to do, but at least there is a driver!

Apologies for blurry shots taken by  my phone.



nice photos locos looking

nice photos locos looking good and wagons to cheers


Thanks Jolon. The wagons are

Thanks Jolon. The wagons are N scale Walthers log wagons and I have already converted a couple to NZ120 by replacing the log cradles with Trackgang cast ones and adding thin strips of styrene to the wagon sides to get the same width as NZ120 ones.

Nice work Beaka, Russ, and

Nice work Beaka, Russ, and Doug. Also nice work to Coasterboy as he bought a few of those loaders and got the log grabs designed and printed. 

I look to forward to seeing the loader finished yes

Thanks ECMT. My bad for

Thanks ECMT. My bad for omiting Coasterboys work on the log grabs! Sorry Stu.

Start of another Modern Cab

Start of another Modern Cab DG to match my other one. The guards van still a work in progress. Battery box fitted inside and LED to connect up and trial. The DF and DA are now consisted together and after some work on the DCC CV settings are running well together.Both sound equipped. The front log wagons are modified versions of the American log wagons behind.


Looking damn good!Must pull

Looking damn good!Must pull finger and get something done after seeing these.

Modifyed wagons look very nice indeed.



thanks Stu. Its a fairly

thanks Stu. Its a fairly quick way to increase my log wagon trains and also keep the weight down that the locos are pulling up "Elevation" on the layout.

first attempt at

first attempt at tarps.Gladwrap dipped in diluted PVA glue and draped over polystyrene shapes. Painted after dry and ready for a thin wash. Testing of my LEDs on guardsvan.

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Well! Its been a while.

Well! Its been a while. Slowwwwwly getting there. Too many projects!

Nice work. Filling in those

Nice work. Filling in those rainy days with some modelling have you?


cheers Russ. Hasn't been a

cheers Russ. Hasn't been a shortage of wet weather lately! I found the 2nd horn recently, but decided to put it back on when the loco is finished and weathered. still have glazing to do .holes for head and tail lights, as well as foot stirrups?? to fit on other side of loco near exhaust  

looks neat

looks neatyes

Looks awesome Beaka, it'll

Looks awesome Beaka, it'll fit right at home climbing the grade out of Picton. 

I'd like a 1:120 DC to begin an old tranzalpine rake but thought I'd start with the loco first and check profile clearances and proceed from there. 

Talk about the wet weather... Over the hill in Hamilton it's been just the same with rain everyday...

Thanks Eurostar.Its missing

Thanks Eurostar.Its missing the ducts on the sides, but my explanation is it was required for extra traffic on Picton-ChCh route and ducts were taken off!HaHa!

I will be at the Hamilton Show on 15th-16th Oct with ECMT , building kits?? at a table and Jolon will be operating his NZ120 layout near us. Could be a good weekend for Show if weather continues!

Thanks for the reminder, it

Thanks for the reminder, it looks like I've got a gap on the Sunday morning before work so I'll try to pop down.

is it at the gardens again this year?

Its probably spent a fair bit of its life being rotated through the main North line being going back on the coal route so that's very plausible!

Yes! At the Gardens again.

Yes! At the Gardens again. 10-4pm both days

Thanks, I'll be there at 10

Thanks, I'll be there at 10 and have about an hour to spare.

 more progress. just window

 more progress. just window glazing and sealing coat to go. Then off to the workshop for DCC chip

Superb job Beaka ! Love the

Superb job Beaka ! Love the paint job and weathering yes

credit for the paint job to

credit for the paint job to Russ wink

Another addition to the

Another addition to the growing fleet courtesy of Russell from Trackgang.Thanks Mate! Sitting on a Botchmann chassis, but will have a Kato one shortly. Then handrail ,etc time

Wow Beaka those Toll DX's are

Wow Beaka those Toll DX's are going to look good climbing up the grade to elevation!

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