Future of NZ120.org

Hi all, as you would’ve seen there hasn’t been much of an update of this website for some time, and most forum posters have moved to Facebook.

I don’t want to shut this site down as I think it has value, especially for the plans, however, it is an additional expense. I am thinking I might convert this page into a general NZR modelling forum, and put the content on to a less expensive, easier to organise platform.

Let me know your thoughts.


Hey team,
I’ve just renewed the NZ120.org hosting and address for another year. This costs $140. At the moment I’m between jobs so any donations would be greatly welcomed to help keep the website going. Donation button (via Paypal) is here:

About NZ120.org

Back online (and working!)

Hi all – sorry for the past few months, all I can say is I’ve learned a lot about WordPress, Ngix and the hosting company! We’re back in business now.

Thanks for all your messages, my apologies it took so long. Now back to actually modeling!


It seems there’s basically no way to set up registration to prevent spammers. Registration will now be 100% manual – to register on this website please e-mail me.

Registration re-opened

I’ve reopened user registration with stronger anti-spam plugins enabled… hopefully this prevents the mass of sign-ups we had from certain Eastern European states…


ZH1 ZG3 VRB1 USL2 UK2 UCA2 UCA1 TT ruler_1_120 Tsm1 scalecard120 revised final GA Dsc_2 Propsed routes PK2 NZR Colours N LAYOUT LXM3 LXM2 LXM1 JP1 J5 Instructions PDF IC1 IA2 HLC5 HGX1 GT3 GSY1 GSX1 Golden Downs prelim sketch GBD4 GBD3 GBD2 GBD1 end-board DX Don Clement Toetoe Method_0 Dft DD1 DC DA bogie CW1 climax 120 Class_B_60x30_ft_Round_Roof_Goods_Shed Christchurch show mid 90s CF2 CET1 CC3 CB2 C1 Bells and Whistles Dual Gauge Loco Tester_0 15024421a_DX_DXB_Painting_and_Lettering_Diagram[4]_0

Front page images

Hi all, I’m keen to update the front page images regularly with NZ120 models etc – flick me a large picture file to info@nz120.org

Update: thanks Len for the pic of Jolon’s layout

Log in issues

Hi all,

Looks like we’ve had a lot of problems with log in details now working – it seems a defective Captcha plugin I installed is at fault. I’ve tweaked the settings now, so this should work now – if not drop me a line at info@nz120.org



A few changes

Hi all,

Welcome to the new home of NZ120.org. As you can see things are still a work in progress, I hope to be able to get all the forums copied over from the old site by the end of this weekend.