DOWNLOAD – Laser Etched IA Wagon in 0.5mm styrene

Attached to this article you will find the files that will enable you to create your own IA in styrene.  You should be able to track down a friendly laser etcher through the Yellow Pages, take these files to them with some 0.5mm styrene and be up and running in no time.

Two files are provided;  The first is a cutting template where the laser will cut right through the styrene, the second is the raster template, where the laser will score a line.  Also included is a license that controls the distribution of these files.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ IT!  A more user friendly version is included on the "Read More" link below.

 If you are unable to do so, I am able to provide a sheet of parts for $20 (includes material, cutting and postage).  Contact me here if you are interested.

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