NZ120 is built to a scale of 1:120, otherwise known as TT scale.

The New Zealand prototype runs on narrow-guage track 3 feet 6 inches (1067mm) gauge.  In TT scale this works out close enough to 9mm, or standard guage N-scale track.  We therefore use standard N guage track, wheels and mechanisms.

The nearest thing to standards or guidelines is set out in the original module standards.

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The Original Module Specifications

This article describes the original module standards developed for NZ120.  These pages are based on those first provided by Rod Murgatroyd and are republished here with his permission.

As far as we are aware only a small number of these modules have been built.  If you have any experience with this module system please add a comment to this article, or better yet start a discussion in the Forums about your experiences and any suggestions you have for making the module standard better.

Note that a new module standard is being formulated.  See the Forums and the Documents sections.

The Module Concept

The NZ120 module standard will allow NZ120 modellers to build one or more modules and to participate in occasional meetings where a number of modules can be joined to create a viable operating layout. The standard ensures that modules will connect and operate successfully.

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