Back online (and working!)

Hi all – sorry for the past few months, all I can say is I’ve learned a lot about WordPress, Ngix and the hosting company! We’re back in business now.

Thanks for all your messages, my apologies it took so long. Now back to actually modeling!


It seems there’s basically no way to set up registration to prevent spammers. Registration will now be 100% manual – to register on this website please e-mail me.

Registration re-opened

I’ve reopened user registration with stronger anti-spam plugins enabled… hopefully this prevents the mass of sign-ups we had from certain Eastern European states…

Chch show

At the recent Chch show Fred had his Springfield layout on display. Victor had brought along his Tollrail locos as well.

NZR colours

Is it possible to get the attachments off the old website? Interested in opening Andrew Wells attachment re NZR colours. Have tried opening it via the old site but it says it’s unavailable.

Trackgang Layout progress

Another weekend meeting and some more progress on the layout. Smeared on another layer of coloured plaster on the new road crossing. Later in the day I realised that I hadn’t grooved the flangeways in the soft plaster, so now I’ll have to carve them after smoothing off the road surface. Brushed some PVA down around the module track joins to help complete the scenic look along the track side. Then onto some more fence ‘planting’. This one module is the rural look so looks to do with a selection of farm related structures and details to be done before the Hamilton show.