Future of NZ120.org

Hi all, as you would’ve seen there hasn’t been much of an update of this website for some time, and most forum posters have moved to Facebook.

I don’t want to shut this site down as I think it has value, especially for the plans, however, it is an additional expense. I am thinking I might convert this page into a general NZR modelling forum, and put the content on to a less expensive, easier to organise platform.

Let me know your thoughts.

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  1. whatever works for you Lewis. The main priority is maintaining access to all the info, but at the same time keeping the cost down for you. There are definitely less people modelling in the scale at present , judging by the content posted on Facebook forum recently. Is there a way of shifting info onto facebook perhaps?

  2. I agree with beakaboy. Making it a multi scale forum may also work. I’ve met a few modellers at shows that wanted online interaction with others, but weren’t into Facebook.

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