+NZ120 vehicles

A trip to the field days today in Hamilton looking for NZ120 scale models. Seems to be less key ring style models around this year at the various tractor and machinery areas. Cable price had plenty of the Hitachi front end loaders ($8) which are around 1/110 scale , but come out well as log loaders with Stu’s 3d attachment. I had 4 already from last year at $7. Then I found Kubota tent with the 2 key ring models shown. surprisingly they both scale out to almost perfect 1/120 scale and also $8 ea. wish I had brought more!

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  1. A couple of recently finished models.
    A tractor I purchased from Kelmarna’s sales stand at a show. I tried to modify it to look less like a European tractor and more like a Fergie 135.]

    A Renault and campervan from Shapeways.

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